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Разное о Lineage 2
Квест Quest lineage2
Уровень Название Стартовый NPC
1 Letters of Love Darin T1 Necklace of Knowledge
1 Quest for Fishing Shot Fisherman's Guild Member T1 Exchange quest items for fishshots of all grade
1 A Window to the Future Priest Dominic Interlude 159,100 adena
2 What Women Want Arujien C5 Mystics Earring
2 Long live the Pa'agrio Lord! Centurion Nakusin C5 Club
2 Miner Bolter Miner Bolter Interlude Necklace of Knowledge
2 Sacrifice to the Sea Guard Arnold C5 2 Ring of Knowledge
2 Deliver Goods Lighthouse Keeper Rockswell C5 100 exp, Mystic's Earring
2 Mass of Darkness Abyssal Celebrant Undrias Interlude 500 exp и 500 Adena
2 Supply Check Marcela T1 Wooden Breastplate/Gaiters/Helm, Gloves и leather shoes
3 Find Sir Windawood Guard Abellos С5 Haste Potion
3 Nerupa's Request Nerupa C5 5 Lesser Healing Potions и 1,000 exp
3 Fruit of the Mothertree Andellia C5 500a / 1000 Exp
3 Shilen's Hunt Sentry Nelsya Interlude 5 Lesser Healing Potions, 1,000 Exp
3 Deliver Supplies Sentry Jenna Interlude 820a
3 Bring Wolf Pelts Trader Lector C5 Leather Shirt
3 Keen Claws Trader Payne Interlude Random Potion or Soulshots
3 Shilen's Hunt Sentry Nelsya Interlude 5 Lesser Healing Potions, 1,000 Exp
3 Pleas of Pixies Out of Use Pixy Murika C5 Items worth 100 - 5,000 adena
4 Wrath of Verdure Out of Use Treant Bremec C5 10a Per Leaf
4 Proof of Valor Praetorian Rukain C5 Necklace Of Courage
4 Revenge of the Redbonnet Maryse Redbonnet Interlude 100a-5000a или Scroll of Escape
5 Recover Smuggled Goods Warehouse Keeper Wilford C5 Buckler
5 Wrath of Ancestors Seer Livina C5 1500a
5 Brigands Sweep Golden Wheel's Spiron Interlude 12a/36a/33a/1000a + 1000a bonus
6 The Guard is Busy Captain Gilbert T1 5a/10a/15a
6 Hunt the Orcs Sentinel Rayen Interlude 5a/15a
6 Chains of Slavery Sentry Kristin Interlude 13a per Shackle
6 The Hidden Veins Gray Pillar's Filaur Interlude 5a each, 2000a bonus, 500a per map fragment
6 Invaders of the Holy Land Atuba Chief Varkees C5 3a/5a
6 Head for the Hills! Marcela T1 Adena / 6,000 soulshots
8 Trade with the Ivory Tower Trader Vollodos Interlude 3000a
8 Orc Subjugation Sentry Kayleen Interlude 20a per Amulet, 30a per Necklace
8 Collect Spores Trader Herbiel C5 3,500 adena
9 Sword of Solidarity Grand Master Roien T1 Sword of Solidarity
9 Skirmish with the Werewolves Prefect Brukurse C5 3500a + 600a
10 Spirit of Mirrors Grand Magister Gallint T1 Wand of Adept
10 Skirmish with the Orcs Sentinel Kendell C5 Red Sunset Sword or Staff
10 Forgotten Truth Tetrarch Thifielll Interlude Eldritch Dagger, 500 ss/sps, echo crystals, 100 lesser healp
10 Jumble, Tumble, Diamond Fuss Collector Gouph Interlude Silversmith Hammer, 50 music crystals and 100 Lesser HP
10 Shards of Golem Magister Harrys C5 Wooden Breastplateand 5,000 exp
10 Covert Business Bronze Key's Keef Interlude Ring of Racoon and 600 SP/2400a and 600 SP
10 Collect Arrowheads Master Minia C5 Exp: 2000 / 1000a
10 Bones Tell the Future Tetrarch Kaitar C5 8,470 adena
10 The Way of the Warrior Hierarch Kekropus T1  
11 Spirit of Craftsman Blacksmith Karrod Interlude Bloodsaber
11 Legacy of the Poet Sentinel Starden C5 13,890a
11 Dark Winged Spies Neruga Chief Tantus C5 4,200 adena
11 Dreaming of the Skies Black Anvil's Arin Interlude Ring of Firefly / 500 sp
11 Scent of Death Trader Minaless Interlude 3,350 Adena, Healing Potion
11 Muertos Feather Trader Trevor T1 45 adena за предмет
12 Sea of Spores Fever Sentinel Knight Alberius C5 1,000 soulshots, 100 healing pots
12 Merciless Punishment Urutu Chief Hatos C5 Butcher's Sword / 100 Lesser Healing Pots / Echo Crystals
12 Protect the Water Source Hierarch Asterios C5 18,250 adena
12 Curse of the Underground Fortress Trader Unoren C5 24,000a / Bone Shield
12 Go Get the Calculator. Blacksmith Brunon Interlude Calculator
15 Millennium Love Lilith C5 Greater Compressed No Grade SS Package.
15 Dwarven Kinship Warehouse Freightman Carlon Interlude 22,000 adena
15 Offspring of Nightmares Magister Vlasty Interlude 17,150 adena and Bone Gaiters
15 Rancher's Plea Edmond T1 25a за предмет
15 Collector's Dream Alshupes C5 1,000 adena, 2,000 exp
15 Totem of the Hestui Seer Tanapi C5 Leather Pants / 5500a
15 Gatekeeper's Offering Gatekeeper Tamil C5 2 Gatekeeper Charms
15 Tarantula's Spider Silk Trader Mion Interlude 60a за предмет
15 Gatekeeper's Favor Gatekeeper Wirphy Interlude 2 Gatekeeper Tokens
15 Grim Collector Guard Curtis C5 Adena, amount varies
15 Get A Pet Pet manager Martin T1 Wolf Collar
15 Bard's Mandolin Bard Swan C5 Theme of Journey & 10,000 adena
15 Sorrowful Sound of Flute Musician Nanarin Interlude Musical Score - Theme Of Solitude
15 Jovial Accordion Musician Barbado Interlude Musical Score - Theme Of Feast / 100 adena
15 The Few, The Proud, The Brave Vice Hierarch Perwan - -
15 Cure for Fever Disease Elias C5 Round Shield
16 Will the Seal be Broken? Tetrarch Talloth Interlude Enchant Armor: Grade D
17 Crystals of Fire and Ice Trader Katerina C5 240a за предмет
17 Subjugation of Lizardmen Guard Weisz C3 4090a
17 Fabulous Feathers Trader Erinu - -
17 Iconic Trinity Hierarch Kekropus T1 Enchant Armor A and access to "Into the Large Cavern"
17 Into the Large Cavern Hierarch Kekropus - -
17 New Recruits Hierarch Kekropus - -
18 Destroy Plague Carriers Master Ellenia C5 90a / 10,000a
18 Catch the Wind Rizraell C5 330a за предмет
18 Sweetest Venom Astaron Interlude 5,810 adena
19 Dragon Fangs Guard Luis C4 1500 adena, Aspis or Blue Buckskin Boots or 5200a+Bone Helme
19 To Lead and Be Led Blacksmith Pinter C5 D grade Clan Armor
19 The Leader and the Follower Head Blacksmith Newyear C5 Clan D-grade Armor
20 Hunting for Wild Beasts Grocer Pano T1 3,710 adena
20 Fantasy Wine Guard Harlan C5 15/30/60 Year Old Wine
20 Yoke of the Past Gatekeeper Ziggurat C5 Blank Scrolls
20 In the Dimensional Rift Dimensional Rift Doorman - -
20 Red-Eyed Invaders Guard Babenco C4 60 Green Colored Lure High Grade, Baby Duck Rod, 500 FS-NG
20 In Search of Fragments of Dimension Dimensional Rift Doorman C4 Fragments of Dimension
20 Walk of Fate Seer Livina C5 4665 Adena and Enchant Armor D
20 Ominous News Seer Moira C5 1,695 Adena
20 Grave Robber Annihilation Karuda Interlude Various basic materials
21 Seed of Evil High Priest Biotin C5 Enchant Armor: Grade D
21 Blood Fiend Trader Creamees C5 42,000a
21 Dangerous Seduction Tetrarch Vellior Interlude 102,680 adena
21 Vanquish Remnants Leopold C5 50-70 Adena за предмет, Mark of the Black Lion
21 Sense for Business Trader Sarien C3 30a - 2000a за предмет
21 Making the Harvest Grounds Safe Warehouse Keeper Norman Interlude 50-60a за предмет
23 Ghosts of Batur Karuda C4 Various medium grade materials
24 Adept of Taste Jonas Interlude 10,000 Adena, or 12,200 adena and a recipe
24 Bring Out the Flavor of Ingredients! Magister Rollant C3 Rittron Jelly or recipe
24 Help the Son! Pet Manager Lundy T1 Pet Exchange Ticket: Kookaburra
25 Recover The Farmland Piotur Interlude 40a/50a per item? + XP, Items or Adena for Relics
25 Hunt of the Black Lion Mercenary Captain Sophya C4 Items to use and/or trade for Adena
25 Collector of Jewels Magister Nell Interlude 12,500 / 63,500 adena
25 Magnificent Feast Warehouse Chief Ranspo C4 Adena, low D grade or no grade jewelry
25 Help the Uncle! Pet Manager Waters C5 Pet Exchange Ticket: Buffalo
25 Lizardmen's Conspiracy Guard Praga Interlude 42,000 SP
26 Help the Sister! Pet Manager Cooper C4 Baby Cougar Chime
26 Runaway Youth Runaway Youth Ivan C5 2883 Adena
26 I'd Rather be Collecting Fairy Breath Grocer Galatea Interlude 50 adena per item + a bonus of 5,365 Adena for multiple
27 Acts of Evil Guard Alvah C3 98,000a
27 Lanosco's Special Bait Fishermen's Guild Member Lanosco C5 4 Wind Fishing Lures
27 Chest caught with a bait of wind Fishermen's Guild Member Lanosco C5 1 Black Pearl Ring (D-grade, Mdef 20)
28 An Elder Sows Seeds Wiseman Casian C4 3600 adena + scrolls of escape
30 The Wishing Potion Alchemist Matild C5 Random spellbook/amulet, adena or musical score
30 Beyond the Hills of Winter Elder Filaur Interlude 1650 D grade SS or 16,500 adena
30 A Looter and A Railroad Man Railroad Worker Obi C5 21,698 Adena
30 Aiding the Floran Village Maria C5 Adena or Mystery prices (EAD, EWD, Adena)
31 Birthday Party Song Melody Maestro Octavia C4 25 Echo Crystals - Theme of Birthday(s)
30 Arrow of Vengeance Guard Belton C5 Adena for monster items around Giran
32 Black Swan Captain Gosta C5 Bills that can be used to purchase various materials
33 Curiosity of a Dwarf Trader Rolento C3 50a/1000a
34 Gather Ingredients for Pie Emily C4 25.000 Adena or 50 Varnish
34 Hunting Leto Lizardman Guard Rath C4 50 Animal Skins, 50 Animal Bones or 30,000 Adena
35 Little Wing Pet Manager Cooper C3 Dragonflute of Wind, Twilight or Star (Level 35 hatchling)
35 Song of the Hunter Guild Member Grey C3 Random Adena and Laurel Leaf Pin
35 Method to Raise the Dead Locksmith Dorothy T1 Adena
36 Family Honor Trader Galibredo C5 120A per quest item + 7800A bonus for 100+ quest items
36 Trespassing into the Sacred Area Priestess Restina C5 1250 adena per fang
36 O'Fulle's Special Bait Fishermen's Guild Member O'Fulle C5 4 Icy Fish Lures
36 Chest caught with a bait of icy air Fishermen's Guild Member O'Fulle C5 Elven Ring
36 Wild Maiden Wild Maiden Suki C5 2553 adena
37 Electrifying Recharge! Researcher Lorain C5 Random +1 -1 dye
38 Conquest of Alligator Island Warehouse Freightman Kluck C4 Treasure Maps
38 Wedding March Melody Maestro Kantabilon C5 25 Echo Crystal - Theme of Weddings
39 Help Rood Raise a New Pet! Pet Manager Rood C5 Adena
39 Devil's Legacy Warehouse Keeper Randolf C5 5,070 adena per chest
39 The Ocean of Distant Stars Railroad Worker Abey C5 63,591 Adena/animal bone and 63,591 experience
39 A Broken Dream Ghost of a Railroad Engineer C5 Various, SS/SPS, haste pots, heal pots, haste pots, etc
40 Coins of Magic Warehouse Keeper Sorint C3 C-grade jewelry, weapons and armor
40 Alligator Hunter Trader Enverun C3 40a per alligator Pelt
40 Warehouse Keeper's Pastime Warehouse Freightman Cliff C5 Play Bingo for High end materials and C-grade
40 Under the Shadow of the Ivory Tower Magic Trader Cema C3 Enchant Scrolls and other items
40 Enhance Your Weapon Grand Magister Jurek C3 -
40 Status of the Beacon Tower Seer Moira C5 12,040 Adena
40 Signs of Revolt Beacon Tower Manager Torrant C5 Chose between 21,600a, 12 CBP, 9 steel or 20 Leather
42 Searching for Treasure Trader Espen C3 Разное
43 Dig up the Sea of Spores! Magister Gauen Interlude 35,000 XP/2,600 SP или 20,950 adena
45 Little Wing's Big Adventure Wiseman Cronos C4 Страйдер
45 An Obvious Lie High Priest Maximillan Interlude Ушки
46 An Aged Ex-Adventurer Retired Adventurer Tantan C5 5,026 adena and Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade D)
46 Pavel the Giant Head Blacksmith Newyear C5 10,000 XP
46 Influx of Machines Collector Gutenhagen C5 Random 60% B-grade Weapon Recipe
47 Warehouse Keeper's Ambition Warehouse Freightman Silva C3 Adena
48 1000 years, the End of Lamentation Antharas Watchman Gilmore Interlude 60 adena за предмет
48 Silver Haired Shaman Magister Dieter Interlude Adena based on amount turned in
48 Willie's Special Bait Fishermen's Guild Member Willie C5 4 Earth Fishing Lures
48 Chest caught with a bait of earth Fishermen's Guild Member Willie Interlude Plated Leather Gloves
49 Resurrection of an Old Manager Collector Yumi C5 -
50 Audience with the Land Dragon Gabrielle Interlude Путь к Antharas
50 Possessor of a Precious Soul - 1 Talien Interlude
50 Pavel's Research Suspicious Stack of Stones C5 Earring of Binding (C grade, m def 45)
50 Seductive Whispers Blacksmith Wilbert Interlude Adena, armor/weapon scrolls, 60% B weapon receipes
50 More Than Meets The Eye Hardin T1 Ability to Transform
52 Plunder Their Supplies Guard Coleman C3 Adena
53 The Other Side of Truth Rafforty C5 60,040 Adena
53 An Ice Merchant's Dream Rafforty C5 300a/1200a/ Various armor/weapon scrolls
55 Let's Become a Royal Member! Warehouse Keeper Sorint C5 Royal Coin Collector Membership
55 Kail's Magic Coin Head Blacksmith Vergara C3 60% A-grade weapon recipes
55 Power of Darkness Valley Trader Galman Interlude Adena
56 Whisper of Dreams, Part 1 Seer Manakia C4 A grade robe fabrics
57 Supplier of Reagents Magic Trader Wesley C3 A grade crafting components/Full B-grade items
58 Stolen Dignity Warehouse Freightman Romp C3 Chance of A-grade weapon components
59 Shriek of Ghosts Seer Reva C5 Items/Adena
59 Legacy of Insolence Warehouse Keeper Walderal C3 A-grade boot/helm/glove fabrics & recipes
60 An Arrogant Search Magister Hanellin C3 Bloody Fabrics
60 For Sleepless Deadmen High Priest Orven Interlude A grade Accessory Parts (shield, jewelry)
60 Whisper of Dreams, Part 2 Seer Manakia C3 Random 60% A grade Robe Recipe
60 Linnaeus' Special Bait Fishermen's Guild Member Linnaeus C5 4 Flaming Fishing Lures
60 Chest caught with a bait of fire Fishermen's Guild Member Linnaeus C5 Necklace of Protection
60 Sweet Whispers Trader Vladimir C4 60,217exp
60 A Dark Twilight Hierarch C4 162773 XP и 12500 SP
60 Heart in Search of Power Mysterious Necromancer C4 100,000a or Asofe or Thons or Enria or Mold Hardeners
60 Into the Flame Watcher of Valakas Klein C4 Путь к Valakas
60 Awl Under Foot - - -
61 Light and Darkness С4 105,827 exp
61 A Game of Cards Warehouse Chief Klump Interlude 2 EAD
62 The Coming Darkness С5 221,958 exp
63 Illegitimate Child of a Goddess Grand Master Oltlin Interlude A grade jewelr
63 Hidden Truth Mysterious Wizard С5 Access to Tragedy in Von Hellman Forest Quest
63 Tragedy in von Hellmann Forest Grand Magister Tifaren С5 Access to Quest Lidia's Heart
63 Necromancer's Request Mysterious Wizard С5 150,000 Adena / Materials
63 Go to the Pastureland! С4 30,000 adena
64 Lidia's Heart High Priest Innocentin С5 100,000a & Quest: Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead
65 Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead Dorian С4 Access to Quest Hiding Behind the Truth
65 Delicious Top Choice Meat Beast Herder Tunatun С5 Choice between materials
65 In the Forgotten Village Mina С5 300,000xp & 25,000 adena
65 Bring Up With Love Beast Herder Tunatun С4 68,500 adena
66 Hiding Behind the Truth Priest Benedict С5 1 B-grade Necklace/Earring+1,6M XP or 1 Earring/2 Rings
66 Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force Mercenary Kahman С4 Mark of the Golden Ram Brotherhood, NPC buffs
66 Meeting with the Golden Ram Warehouse Chief Donal С4 5000 Adena, 50000 XP
66 Secret Buried in the Swamp Mercenary Supplier Abercrombie С4 130,000 XP and 40,000 Adena
66 Clean Up the Swamp of Screams Mercenary Captain Pierce С4 Golden Ram Coins (Loot Pouches, Dimension Diamonds)
66 In Search of the Nest Mercenary Captain Pierce Interlude 5168 adena
66 The Zero Hour - - -
68 Specialty Liquor Delivery Chef Jeremy С4 Random S-grade Jewelry Recipe or 18,800 Adena & Haste Potion
68 Egg Delivery Chef Jeremy С5 Random S jewelry rec or 18,800 adena and a haste
68 Shadow of Light Eye of Argos С4 140000 XP, 11250 SP, 100000 Adena
70 Awl Under Foot - - -
71 Watching Eyes Eye of Argos С4 Части на S-грейд бижутерию
71 The Finest Food Chef Jeremy С4 Рецепты S-бижутерию + 25,000a или 70,000a/230,000 exp/18,250 sp
73 Daimon the White-Eyed-1 Eye of Argos С4 возможность начать квест Daimon the White-Eyed-2
73 Daimon the White-Eyed-2 Eye of Argos С4 5 красок +2/-2
73 The Finest Ingredients-1 Chef Jeremy С5 возможность начать квест The Finest Ingredients-2
73 The Finest Ingredients-2 Chef Jeremy С5 5 красок +2/-2
73 The Truth Beyond the Gate - - -
73 Through the Gate Once More - - -
73 Seekers of the Holy Grail - - -
73 Guardians of the Holy Grail - - -
74 Secret Meeting with Ketra Orcs Guard Cadmon С5 79,761 experience
74 Secret Meeting with Varka Silenos Guard Cadmon С5 79,761 experience
74 Alliance with Ketra Orcs Ketra's Messenger Wahkan С5 части и рецепты на S армор, доступ к магазинам, телепортам, рейд-боссам и другим квестам от Ketra Orcs
74 Alliance with Varka Silenos Varka's Messenger Naran Ashanuk С5 части и рецепты на S армор, доступ к магазинам, телепортам, рейд-боссам и другим квестам от Varka Silenos
74 Magical Power of Water - Part 1 Ketra's Messenger Wahkan С5 Divine Stone of Wisdom (для квеста на 3 профу) и Totem (для квеста Magic Power of Water - Part 2)
74 War with Ketra Orcs Hierarch Ashas Varka Durai С5 итемы для магазина в Варке
74 War with Varka Silenos Hierarch Kadun Zu Ketra С5 итемы для магазина в Кетра
74 Magical Power of Fire - Part 1 Varka's Messenger Naran Ashanuk С5 Divine Stone of Wisdom (для квеста на 3 профу) и Red Totem (для квеста Magic Power of Fire - Part 2)
74 Gather the Flames - С5 рецепт на S-грейд оружие
74 Parcel Delivery - - -
74 Whereabouts of the Archaeologist Trader Liesel С5 113,228 adena
74 Relics of the Old Empire - - -
74 Four Goblets С5 Рецепты на S-оружие
Фото галерея Lineage2
Рекомендуемый Сервер Мастеров Жанров PvP:
Рекомендуемый Сервер Мастеров Жанров PvP:

Сервер: RelaX Classic
Игровой сервер Lineage 2: Kamael Hellbound PvP Особые рейты х1000 и +94 Бонуса.

На сервере Вы стартуете с статусом Героя, +94 Бонуса Каждый день Осады, GM Шопы, Нпц Бафера, При Старте: 80 lvl, Ноблесс, Герой, Адена, Вещи высокого уровня а также смена Саб Класса за 5 секунд, Дропа с ПК отсутствует и Множество различных расширений в Lineage2 +94 Бонуса. Этот Сервер Заработал Репутацию как ТОП №1 из серверов Мастера жанра PvP,PK,PvE - Подробнее о сервере: тут...

Сервер: RelaX BoX
Игровой сервер Lineage 2: Kamael Hellbound PvP Рейты x900 + 8-м Особых Бонусов:

Бонус - В начальной локации вы стартуете с Большой суммой Денег, и 80 lvl Бонус - Рейты х900, Бонус - ГМ Шопы, Бонус - NPC Бафф, Бонус - RelaX NPC, Бонус - Осады в Lineage Каждый день, Бонус - Множество различных расширений, и добавлений в оригинальную Lineage.
Подробнее тут...

Сервер: GM RelaX
Игровой сервер Lineage 2: Kamael Hellbound Рейты: Неограниченные, Особенность GM сервера: Каждый может стать GameMaster(ом).

На сервере GM RelaX GameMasterS - это как Боги в этой игре. Они могут Вам дать все что вы желаете или же убить вас без предупреждения. Но и GM(s) продумана система - у них убрали Бан чаров и тому подобное... Продумана система Знаний всей Lineage от скилов до одежды.. Подробнее о сервере: тут...

Торги - Купить/Продать $$$ Lineage2
Генератор Имен - Придумай себе Имя/Ник
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